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Why has my Jawnt Pass been frozen?
Why has my Jawnt Pass been frozen?
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There are two ways your Jawnt Pass can become frozen. You can choose to freeze the pass yourself, to prevent unwanted transactions. Learn more about freezing and unfreezing your active Jawnt Pass.

The other way is determined by your employer. Once you have been marked “inactive” by your employer, your card will be frozen and your account will be partially restricted.

You won’t be able to use the card for new purchases, but you can still request reimbursements for eligible purchases you made with another form of payment while you were still active with your employer. If you can still log into the platform, you can start a reimbursement request by clicking the “Request Reimbursement” button. If you can’t log in, email us at [email protected].

If you return to active status before 180 days, your card will be unfrozen and your monthly contributions will continue. If you remain inactive for 180 days, any money left unused in your Jawnt Pass account will be forfeit to your employer. To get the most out of your transit and parking benefit, you should try to spend down your funds while you’re still active.

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