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CSV Roster Syncing - Connecting to Jawnt's SFTP Server using WinSCP
CSV Roster Syncing - Connecting to Jawnt's SFTP Server using WinSCP

Jawnt uses an FTP server for secure transfer of member rosters. Below is a walkthrough of how to connect to Jawnt's server via WinSCP.

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WinSCP is a free, open-source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software allowing users to easily connect to other FTP/SFTP servers to exchange files. Although we recommend using FileZilla for connecting to our SFTP server, if WinSCP is easier for you and your team, then that will work! Please know that WinSCP is only available for Microsoft Windows.

Before connecting to Jawnt's SFTP server, you will need to generate SSH keys and provide us with your public SSH key. More info on how to generate keys in our support article here.

Part 1: Once WinSCP is open, access File > Site Manager. You will need to update a few settings.

  1. Change File protocol to 'SFTP'

  2. Change Host name to ''

  3. Change Port to '22'

  4. Change User name to 'YourCompanyName' (Jawnt will provide you with this information)

  5. The Password will remain blank

Part 2: You then need to make a few updates in the Advanced settings:

  1. Click Advanced

  2. On the left hand panel, under SSH click Authentication.

  3. Click the three dots under “Private key file”

  4. Find and choose your private key file, which is typically saved in your computer's ssh folder (this file will not have the .pub extension)

    *NOTE* WinSCP only supports files in PuTTY format, so you may see a pop-up like the one below that asks if you’d like to convert your private key file to PuTTY format. Click OK

  5. Your private key file should now appear in the Authentication window. Click OK (this will return you back on the opening SFTP screen)

  6. Click Login

    1. Note: if Login is greyed out, you must click Save first, and then Login

You can now drag and drop your properly formatted CSV onto Jawnt's SFTP server. Click here for a support article detailing how to properly format your CSV. The Jawnt software will then process the CSV and generate members for your organization.

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