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How do I cancel my Jawnt Pass account?
How do I cancel my Jawnt Pass account?
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The short answer is that your account will only be fully closed 180 days after you are no longer a part of your organization. This ensures that you can still request reimbursement for eligible expenses that were made prior to this date. That said, there are steps you can take now if you want to temporarily and safely deactivate your card.

How do I deactivate my card?

If you want to stop using your card and protect it from fraud, set your contributions to zero dollars and freeze the card.

Setting contributions to zero

  1. Once logged into the Jawnt platform, navigate to the “My Benefits” page.

  2. Under “Enrolled Benefits”, find the Jawnt Pass, and click “Edit”. This will open a summary page of your enrollment selections.

  3. Set both “Transit Monthly Contribution” and “Parking Monthly Contribution” to $0.

  4. Click “Update enrollment”. You will receive an email confirmation of your changes.

Freezing your card

  1. Once logged into the Jawnt platform, navigate to the “Jawnt Pass” page.

  2. Under the “Manage Card” menu, select “Freeze Card”.

  3. Confirm that you want to freeze your card. Your card will now block new transactions.

What does it mean for me to be “inactive”?

Cardholders can become “inactive” for either or two ways.

  • They go on temporary leave, such as Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).

  • Their relationship with the organization is terminated.

What can I do with any remaining balance?

If you’re still an active member, you can continue to use your funds for any allowable expense. See a list of allowable expenses.

Once you become inactive, you have 180 days to request reimbursement for allowable expenses incurred while you were active.

  • If you still have access to the Jawnt platform, you can follow these steps to submit your reimbursement requests.

  • If you cannot log into the Jawnt platform, email [email protected] to submit your request. You will need a photo of your receipt showing that the request is for an allowable expense and that the expense occurred on a date that you were an active member. If approved, Jawnt will send you a reimbursement out of your account funds via check.

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