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Where can I use my Jawnt Pass?
Where can I use my Jawnt Pass?
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The Jawnt Pass is a VISA-backed debit card loaded with pre-tax transportation funds that allows cardholders to spend pre-tax dollars on transit and/or parking.

Cardholders have the option to transfer their pre-tax dollars to their Jawnt Pass for use on transit, and the option to use it for parking. It is not required to use both, and even if you do, you still only need one card.

If you’ve decided to use your card for both, you’ll see both “Transit” and “Parking” tabs on your Jawnt Pass page (see below screenshot). If you’re using both, the “Transit” tab will show only your Transit balance and activity, and the “Parking” tab will show only your Parking balance and activity.

Examples of eligible transit expenses include any local, suburban, and intercity buses, trains, ferries, including:

  • a weekly or monthly pass from your transit agency

  • a one-way ticket with your transit agency

  • a one-way ticket with a transit agency in another city, state, or country

  • an airport shuttle

Examples of eligible parking expenses include:

  • street parking

  • parking in a garage for an hour or a day

  • a monthly parking pass

  • parking and charging in an electric vehicle charging bay

Ineligible expenses include:

  • cash withdrawals

  • taxi rides or Uber/Lyft

  • flights

  • tolls

  • rental cars

  • sightseeing and tour buses

  • ambulance rides

  • any other expenses related to owning or operating a vehicle, such as gas, parking tickets, tows, or repairs

If you’re interested in more detail, see VISA’s Merchant Data Standards Manual.

  • Transit funds can be used in merchant categories 4111, 4112, 4131, and 4789.

  • Parking funds can be used for categories 7523 and 7524.

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