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How do I determine which NJ Transit pass I need?
How do I determine which NJ Transit pass I need?

How to pick the right NJT pass and how to use it.

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New Jersey Transit operates buses and rail throughout the state of New Jersey, including several routes that pass into Philadelphia. They offer separate bus and rail passes, and this article will help you figure out which one is right for you.

How do I pick a pass?

If you’re going to travel by bus and rail, you should buy a rail pass, because it’s accepted on buses, too.

Monthly Bus passes

If you’re only going to ride a bus, you will want a bus pass. Your bus pass depends on your region and number of zones.

  • There are only two regions in southern New Jersey. If you ever want to take a bus within, into, or out of Philadelphia, you'll want the Interstate pass. If you only ever want to take the bus within southern New Jersey, you'll want the Intrastate pass.

  • You’ll need to get a pass for the highest number of zones you’re likely to travel through on a single bus. If you transfer between buses, and each bus goes through a different number of zones, you need to buy a pass for the higher number of zones (not the total). NJ Transit’s Trip Planner can help you figure out the number of zones for each leg of your bus ride.

Monthly Rail passes

Rail passes are easier to figure out, because there’s only one line that connects to Philadelphia. The price varies by your chosen origin and destination (i.e. where you want to take the train from and to).

How do I talk to someone about this?

If you’d rather talk to a human expert, NJ Transit’s customer support team is ready to listen and help you understand your options. Call 973-275-5555 between 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday to speak with a live person.

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