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Philadelphia Transit Overview
Employer transit benefits legislation in Philadelphia
Employer transit benefits legislation in Philadelphia

What employers need to know about the initiative that went live in January 2023.

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Philadelphia Councilmember Helen Gym’s Commuter Benefits bill was passed through Philadelphia City Council in June of 2022.

The bill, first introduced in April 2022 and passed a few months later on June 10th, requires employers of 50+ employees to provide commuter benefits to its employees. Employers can provide this benefit in one of two ways:

  1. as a pre-tax benefit

  2. provide pre-paid passes to their employees.

The benefit could be used for services considered in IRS Code 132(f) (which you can read here), and includes (among others) bus, train, and subway services.

Philadelphia is at the vanguard of cities mandating this invaluable benefit for employees. The pre-tax benefits for transit alone can add up to almost $1,000 / year for employees.

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