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Managing your employee roster through Jawnt
Managing your employee roster through Jawnt

A brief rundown of the two ways you can integrate and manage your employee roster with Jawnt.

Written by Jeff Stade
Updated over a week ago

A key feature of Jawnt is the ability to seamlessly integrate with an employer’s HRIS (Human Resources Information System) roster to automatically ensure that eligible employees can enroll in transit benefits.

There are two main ways that an employer can integrate their roster with the Jawnt platform:

1. Direct API Integration

At Jawnt, we work with a third-party service provider, Finch, to integrate with 150+ HRIS platforms. For full details about how the integration works and for a list of compatible providers, check out our Syncing your HR Roster via API article.

2. Flat file (CSV) over SFTP

If your HRIS platform is not one of the 150+ systems that Finch works with, that's okay! You can simply send us your HR roster via flat file over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and we will provide you with both the documentation and the server for your team to be able to transfer an updated HR roster on a regular basis. For complete details on this integration, check out our Syncing your HR Roster via Flat File article.

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