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Inviting your employees to enroll in benefits
Inviting your employees to enroll in benefits

After setting up your transit benefits in the Jawnt platform, we make it easy to invite your employees to enroll.

Written by Jeff Stade
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If you have not yet, make sure you sync your employee roster with Jawnt.

Determining Employee Eligibility with Eligibility Filtering

By default, the entire active HR roster shared with Jawnt will be eligible for each benefit offered by your organization. But with Eligibility Filtering, you are free to decide which of your employees will be invited to enroll, as you may want to restrict certain benefits to a specific subset of your roster.

For example, you can restrict eligibility to:

  • certain geographic areas

  • full-time employees only

  • in-office employees only (encouraging Return To Office!)

To implement Eligibility Filtering for your organization, please reach out to your Jawnt account manager.

Inviting Employees

When logged in to the Jawnt platform, the People dashboard displays your most recently-synced employee roster along with the benefit enrollment status and invitation status for each employee. If employees have not yet been invited to enroll in benefits, you can send invites by clicking the three dots under the Action column for each employee, and then clicking Invite Employee.

For large organizations (500+ employees), we ask that you coordinate with your Jawnt account manager to schedule sending the initial invitations.

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