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How do I transfer my pass from one SEPTA Key card to another?
How do I transfer my pass from one SEPTA Key card to another?

The step-by-step process for transferring the contents of one SEPTA Key card to another.

Written by Jeff Stade
Updated over a week ago

Did you lose your card? Is it no longer working or expired? There are many reasons why you might need to transfer things over to a new Key card. This article outlines the steps necessary to transfer everything over to a new Key card and ensure uninterrupted access to your SEPTA benefit.

1. Purchase and register a new SEPTA Key Card

2. Deactivate (aka "Hotlist") your old Key Card

  • Log in to your account.

  • Under the lost or damaged card, select Card Options and choose Report Lost/Stolen (Hotlist).

  • In the dropdown, choose the reason for hotlisting your card, and click Proceed.

    • Note: Once a Key Card is hotlisted, you will not be able to use the Card or re-register it.

  • Choose if you would like to register a new Key Card now, or complete the transfer later.

    • If you do not have a new Key Card in hand and your current Card is in the hotlist status, you can choose to "Transfer products later under My Profile".

3. Transfer the contents of your old Key Card to your new Key Card

  • Once you have purchased a new Key Card, go to the 'My Profile' tab, scroll down to the hotlisted Key Card, and select 'Transfer Products to Another Key Card'.

    • Note: Key Cards cannot be loaded while in the hotlist status.

  • Once this transfer is done, you are able to use the new Key card immediately.

*** IMPORTANT! This final step will ensure that the SEPTA pass is loaded onto your NEW card next month.***

4. Update your Jawnt account with your new Card Reference ID

  • Log in to your Jawnt account and find your SEPTA benefit under Enrolled benefits.

  • Click Edit.

  • Scroll down to the Details section and click Card Reference ID.

  • Erase the old Card Reference ID and Paste your new Card Reference ID.

    • Your new Card Reference ID should be copied directly from your account.

    • If you need help finding your Card Reference ID, click here.

  • Click Save.

  • You should now see your new Card Reference ID under the Details section.

  • Click Update enrollment on the bottom of the page.

    • Please take note of the date that these changes will go into effect.

If you need additional help with this process, please contact Jawnt support :)

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