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Where is my Card Reference ID for SEPTA Key?
Where is my Card Reference ID for SEPTA Key?

Simply put: It's in your SEPTA Key account :)

Written by Jeff Stade
Updated over a week ago

Follow the below instructions to locate your Card Reference ID

1. Sign into your SEPTA Key Account

Visit and enter your username and password to log into your account.

2. Click "Card Options"

On the left side of the screen, you'll see your account details. Locate the SEPTA Key Card you wish to use with your SEPTA benefit, and click on “Card Options” to open the Card Options menu.

Note: If you do not see your SEPTA Key Card displayed, you need to register your Key Card first.

3. Click "Card Reference ID"

From the Card Options menu, click “Card Reference ID”. This will open a pop-up menu containing your Card Reference ID.

4. Copy and Paste Card Reference ID

Your Card Reference ID is case sensitive, so we recommend Copying and Pasting it into Jawnt to avoid mistakes. To do so, highlight your Reference ID (if you double click on the number, it will highlight the ID), right click on the highlighted ID and click Copy. Then, return to Jawnt's application and when prompted for your Card Reference ID, right click in the Card Reference ID box and click Paste.

If you do choose to write it down, pay attention to capitalization to avoid mistakes.

Please also pay extremely close attention to two common issues:

  1. Many users mistake the lowercase letter L for the uppercase letter I (l vs. I)

  2. Many users mistake the letter O for the number 0 (O vs. 0)

  3. Many users mistake the number 1 for a lowercase letter L (1 vs. l)

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